A Night With Shawn

by Nastassja Lamonth

I am a good girl. I never do this sort of thing but lately I have been in a funk. I have been yearning for something more but I cannot put on my finger on it. So here I was in a bar waiting for my date. We met two weeks ago on a website for people to hook up. I created an account on a dare one night with my girlfriends, before I could delete it I had a message from a guy. He made me laugh so I answered. We shared a few innocent texts that turned steamy and now here I was in a bar waiting on him to arrive. I ordered another shot, my second, and contemplated running and never answering his texts again. But my body wouldn’t move no matter how much my mind screamed to run. After ten months of no sex I guess this was the outcome of it.

“Hi” a deep velvet voice greeted me. I knew what he looked like from the website and some pictures that he sent but he was so much finer that the pictures. He was tall like really tall he was over six feet tall. His caramel skin was smooth and clear. His eyes were light brown almost hazel in colour his nose was prominent and flared little at the bridge and his lips were sexy as sin. His lips were full and shaped like a bow, his bottom lips was pink and almost feminine in its beauty. Poets couldn’t capture the beauty of this man’s face. His facial hair was neatly lined up from his hairline coming down to his beard, bring all the attention to his lips. God I wanted to kiss this man.

“Are you going to say something or are you going to stare all night” he whispered. I lowered my eyes thoroughly embarrassed. “It’s OK I like what I see too.”

I smiled “Hi, I am Tammy. It’s nice to meet you in person.” I finally managed to say.

He sat down and ordered a drink. I took the time to admire his perfectly tailored suit. I knew it wasn’t a cheap off the rack purchase. It clung to him and that showed off his lithe body. He was built like a swimmer all muscle and no fat.

“You’re staring again” he whispered

“I am sorry I was just wondering what a guy like you doing on a hook up website. You’re hot and obviously successful”

“Well I am not the relationship type and women on this site know what they want and go for it.”

“Fair enough” I simply stated

“So why are you on it? You don’t strike me as the hit it and quit it type of person”

“I am not, I joined on a dare and was intrigued by someone”

“Is that someone here?”

“Possibly” Tammy was treated to the sexiest smile she had ever seen.

“Well when he gets here, I am sure he will want to stay cuz’ you are beautiful.”  His eyes traveled down the length of my body and my panties dampen a little. I was wearing a royal blue bondage front halter top dress that was cut to show my c cup breast and showed off my tiny waist and wide hips. The dress was accented with black and gold open toe heels.

“You look good enough to eat. “ Shawn moved closer to my ears “I can’t wait to trails wets kisses from your belly button to your clit” The walls of my vagina clenched. I am going to need some more courage. I pushed him away and ordered another shot. Shawn laughed.

“Ahhh a newbie. I will take it slow”

“I like slow”  I admitted . then a slow shy smile crossed my lips and I said “I also like it hard and dirty”

Shawn sexy grin got down right sinful he reached out his hand. Without thinking I grabbed it and got up. The liquor went straight to my head and I became relaxed. Shawn led me to the ladies room that was thankfully deserted and led me to a stall. He held my head and kissed me. He kissed me hard. His lips caressed mine and forcefully demanded that I open my mouth. His tongue then dipped into my mouth. He broke the contact but he quickly put his lips to my neck trailing kisses down my neck while his hand roamed over my waist settling on my ample ass. He kissed my shoulder before returning to my lips. I was lost. His hands were on  my thighs and my body urged forward trying to get closer to his. His hands moved up my leg and dipped under my dress to touch the little scrap of lace I was wearing, a moment of clarity followed the contact.

“This is crazy!” I exclaimed

“Shhhhhhhhh” Shawn put his finger to my lips. He slowly moved down and pulled my dress up. He planted wet kisses down the line from my navel to my lace covered clit. He pushed the lace to the side and parted the lips of my flower and gently licked the inner nubs. A groan escaped my lips. That was all the encouragement he needed. He roughly pulled on the lace of my undies and ripped them off my body. I leaned back against the wall of the stall as Shawn held my leg up and went to town on my vagina. He sucked and licked and rubs my clit. I was gushing everywhere, with his two fingers he moved back and forth in my vagina, while his mouth gently sucked on my clit. He flicked his tongue back and forth on my sensual center and I felt the fire building up and the months of repressed sexuality came down as I reached my climax.

“Hello” came a voice from out the stall. We froze. When we heard the closing of the door to a stall we made a bee line to the door. I made my way to the bar while Shawn headed to the men’s room. I ordered a final shot and decided to make a run for it. As I gathered my things Shawn made his return.

“Are you ready for the real thing?” I stared blankly “You didn’t think that was it?” He asked.

He ordered a gin and tonic from the bartender, drank it in a few gulps. Then escorted me to the door. Since we were downtown Sallies everything was in walking distance. He stopped at an upscale hotel and headed straight for the elevator. He had already booked a room. I guess he knew I was a sure thing. The hotel suite was beautiful but Shawn didn’t give me a lot of time to appreciate the beauty. As soon as we walked in he was kissing me again and I was lost. He made a quick work of removing my dress within seconds I was butt naked. I moved to cover myself but he held my hand and told me not to. He kissed me again and placed little kisses on my neck down to my breast. He took my left nipple into his mouth as he played with my right nipples between his two fingers. I don’t know if it was the alcohol or months of no sex but I suddenly felt the need to touch him. I pushed him to the bed and opened his zipper and freed his massive erection. “Too much?” he asked. I smiled and got to work. I opened my mouth just to get it all wet and then put as much of it as I could in my mouth. I sucked on the head and moved my tongue back on forth. His penis jumped.  I ensured I sucked on the head while rubbing my hand from the base of his penis to my mouth. I swallowed and put as much of his penis in my mouth as possible until my throat closed in around his beautiful dick. Shawn groaned and I knew he was enjoying it. I licked the sides of his penis like a lollipop.  He pushed me away.

“The only place I want to come beautiful is inside you” he said as he pulled me up.

He came out of his pant and threw me on the bed. He opened my legs and said. “My turn. I love how wet your pussy gets.” He licked and sucked me to another orgasm. As the walls of my vagina clenched he entered me and my orgasm magnified. The deeper he got the more I felt the walls of my vagina opening up to accept him. Little tingles caused my body to begin shaking. I reached for him but he grabbed both my hands and placed them above my head. He slammed into me bearing into me over and over again. I broke free of his constrains and grabbed his ass trying to get him deeper inside me. I refused to submit to his dominance, my need to feel him deeper went to a primal level. He rode me to a frenzy, his hand reached for my throat and gently squeezed. My vaginal walls grabbed his dick and squeezed it tight beckoning him to go deeper. Suddenly He stopped, flipped me over and bent me over on the side of the bed with my ass in the air. He rubbed his erect penis against my swollen labia and slapped my ass. Finally he slowly entered me inch by delicious inch from behind. It was heavenly. Suddenly he pulled his dick out and then plunged his dick back in me; my body began shaking with the tinglingly of an orgasm. He placed his hand on the small of my back and pushed it down some more and assaulted my vagina while slapping the cheeks of my ass. I made unintelligible sound that I thought was words. He stopped deep inside me and made little circles with his waist and reached around and rubbed my clit. He took his penis out and replaced it with his fingers. He drove his fingers as deep as possible in my pussy and made a come hither movement while his other hand continued to rub my clit. The orgasm started deep in my vagina and spread to everywhere. Even the hair on my head felt it. Shawn returned his penis to my vagina. His penis continued its assault on my vagina and started slapping my ass and giving it to me really hard. Another orgasm started building as I felt his orgasm building. That became my cue to push my ass into his pelvis. The more he thrusted the harder I smacked my ass into his belly. I felt the pulsing of his dick and he knew he was coming. After his orgasm he kissed me on my shoulder and back. He took his penis out and went to the bathroom to throw away the condom. I just lay there. I couldn’t move an inch.

“Get up beautiful. We are just getting started”

I died and went to ecstasy.

Published by nlamonth

I am a budding writer I am English Teacher that is currently jobless. So i am using my free time to create a world of fiction where I can be me

6 thoughts on “A Night With Shawn

  1. Good story.
    I loved it.
    A few minor grammatical errors and you spoke both in first and third person narrator so mi did kinda get confused in some parts.
    But I loved it none the less. I want meet Sean u see so I can put a proper sex pon him…lol

    Liked by 1 person

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