Jasmine Part 3

Anita Baker’s voice broke through my speakers as she sang about sweet love. Sitting at my white vanity I did my makeup while swaying to the music. I settled on a matte neutral cut crease. I didn’t want to cake up too much. But it was our second date. Every time this man saw me, I was looking all sorts of jacked up. I am determined to show him, I can clean up nice. Anita Baker singing about giving you the best she got. I finished my makeup while the best of Anita Baker played in the background. I walked into my closet. There wasn’t much in the way of dressed-up dresses. The only place I went to was the strip club. Something told me I couldn’t wear bejeweled nipple covers and ass-less chaps!

I found a white low cut bodysuit. The top boasted my little B cup to look like a small C. I paired the bodysuit with knee-length full blush colored pleated skirt that had a broad waist, that was probably my sisters, with some red strappy shoes. I had washed my hair earlier, so I blow-dried and flat ironed it. My hair was shiny and bone straight. I wanted to make sure I looked good enough to eat.

I left my apartment at around seven-thirty. The beauty of living downtown was that restaurants were never far. He chose a beautiful Italian restaurant two blocks from my apartment.  I got there around seven forty-five.

I was so nervous. This was foolish. I sat down on one of the restaurant’s benches outside. Men never flustered me.  I have always maintained a clear level head around them. Some might even call it domineering. But with Jamie, everything felt different. He had seen me at my worst and most vulnerable and he still wanted to get to know me. Would he be disgusted, if he knew about my stripping? For the first time in a few years, I felt insecure and nervous. I looked into the restaurant’s window and saw Dr McSexy inside. My palms were sweating and my breathing was getting shallow.  I debated texting him and cancelling.  But then, my phone rang. It was Ariel’s face timing me.  I answered.

“Shoot! You had already I was trying to catch you before you left” he stated

“I am outside the restaurant. I don’t want to do this” I confided in her

“Why not?”  She asked.

“He’s a doctor for fuck’s sake”

“And so what you’re a brilliant beautiful woman. You’re just as good as he is” She replied

“I know, but what if that’s not enough?”

“Then fuck him. But before deciding that he’s too good for you,  go into the restaurant” she said in her calm cool voice.

“You’re right, I am being stupid. Girl I am gonna go get my man” I said with the confidence I didn’t feel.

“Don’t hurt him now” she laughed as she hung up. I was officially late. Fuck!

I walked into the restaurant. Jamie saw me as soon as I entered. He stood and pulled out my chair and handed me a bouquet of red roses. His tall chocolate frame stood at six foot seven in my estimation. He was taller than most men I knew. His rich brown skin was clear, even and smooth. His bald head screamed sexy, and I wanted to rub it as he ate my pussy.

I knew I had a stupid smile on my face. I couldn’t help it. I didn’t date much and the men I dated weren’t the thoughtful type. I buried my face in the flowers and took a deep breath. I wanted to commit everything about tonight to memory.

“I am sorry to be….” I started

“I am glad you made it,” Jamie said at the same time. I giggled. O my! What was happening to me? I don’t giggle. But Jamie made me feel girly. “I wanted to get the awkwardness out of the way so I ordered for you. You don’t mind, do ya?”  He said. I truly didn’t.

Jamie was looking nice in a navy blue blazer with a light blue button-down shirt. He paired it with a tan trouser which was tight as hell in the crotch area. His shoulders were wide and built.   The blazer hugged on to his body and clearly showed that enjoys physical activities. Shouldn’t doctors be soft and round? Jamie was far from overweight. His expansive chest tapered in to reveal a slim waist and a tight ass. My favourite view when I was in the hospital. He smelled heavenly; his cologne reminded me of a field of irises a little sweet and a little bitter. It was a soft yet musky scent. It was a potent combination to my senses. My nose hairs danced as I breathe him in. I wanted to commit everything about this man to memory.

I wanted this man with every fibre of my being. Every cell in my body screamed for him.

“You’re quiet, what’s on your mind,” he asked.

“You” I whispered. He chuckled and my pussy danced. This was torture.

“Damn it’s like that! You just wanna get to that, huh? I haven’t decided if you’re worth this dick yet” My eyes grew as big as saucers. The fuck did he just say to me? I couldn’t help but laugh my sweet doctor had some bite to him.

“I deserve that, but just know it would have been the best you ever had”

The waitress chose that moment to deliver our appetizers, white bean and prosciutto bruschetta. I devoured the food. I needed something to do with my mind and my mouth while I recovered from Jamie’s dig.  After the appetizers, I gave Jamie a summarized version of my life. I glazed over the painful parts. That was way too heavy for a first date. Our main course came and then dessert. By the end of dinner, I was so turned on with this man. His mind, his lips, his body, everything about him was so scrumptious. I needed to have him in my bed tonight.

Once again he escorted me home. “You want to come up for a night?” I said. Looking him dead in the eye. Letting him know without a doubt what I wanted. He leaned closer to me. His clean musky smell was once again tantalizing my senses. He gave me a peck on my forehead. Then he whispered in my ear. “I have to go hiking at five. Can I get a rain check?”

My smile died. I thought he was into me. Did he want to be my girlfriend? The fuck was going on.

“That’s cool,” I countered. In a cool syrupy sweet voice, I said “could I come?”

“Sure! It’s a date.” He replied.

A car stopped at my building and he stated that it was his taxi. He kissed my forehead again and left. I debated calling my meat on the side but it was late, so I reached for Barney, my big purple dildo, instead.

Published by nlamonth

I am a budding writer I am English Teacher that is currently jobless. So i am using my free time to create a world of fiction where I can be me

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