Laying Pipes

“Why do I have to wait a whole damn week for you to come and fix my faucet?”

I’m so sick and tired of this imbecile of a maintenance man, he’s got to be the laziest son of a bitch on this planet.

“You know what; I’ll send you guys the bill when I fix it,” I said and hung up. How the hell do these people keep their god damn jobs? I really should report their dumb asses to the authorities for this. Since moving into my apartment it has taken forever to get anything fixed. I started taking things into my own hands. Now I had to find my own plumber to come today because it’s my only day off. This is definitely not how I wanted to spend my day. I googled the best plumber in my city and a familiar name came up Charles and company. That sounded vaguely familiar, actually not since I knew exactly who works at Charles and Company. How could I not when I had studied the business card for the whole night trying to decide if I wanted to call him or not. I dug into my purse for the card Alex had given me at the supermarket. He was parked not too far from where I was, and before I could drive out the parking lot he stopped me and motioned for me to wind down the windows.

“I didn’t mean to insult you. You’re beautiful and if you’re ever in the mood for a drink call me,” he said as he handed me his card. I smiled and drove off. I didn’t trust myself to say anything more. Later that night in bed, I studied the business card and debated whether to call him or not. For the longest time, I considered myself asexual after my disastrous marriage ended. I was so happy to be free that I never even entertained the idea of another relationship. That’s why I still can’t understand my very strong reaction to Alexander Charles.

Since meeting him at the supermarket, Alexander has been a constant part of my dreams. Some nights, I wake up right before the good part and I have to play with myself to finish off the job before going back to bed. Other nights I had to get up and clean up myself. Who has sex dreams about a man at thirty-four? This crazy sex depraved heifer, that’s who.

A surge of excitement ran through me. Alex was within reach but now that I have a real reason to see him again, should I? Or should I just stay away? Forget the things that Alex has made me feel? I thought about that for a moment and the very idea of never seeing Alex against caused a wave of weird anger and hurt inside me. Why can’t I have one fling? Why should my memory of sex be with my ogre of a dead husband? I deserve to have the kind of sex that dreams are made of. I took up the phone and called the cell number on the card. The phone rang out and no one answered so I left a voicemail telling him about my leaky kitchen faucet and asked if he could come by. Five minutes later, he sent a text saying he could be there in an hour.

I know it’s silly that I am at home all dressed, but unlike last time I wanted to be prepared to see Alex. I put on my sexy little black dress and waited for him. I went a little hard on the perfume and bath oils. I smelled good and looked good.

I saw him in the parking lot in an old beat-up F150. When he got out he’s in the same brown shirt and dirty blue jeans he had on in the supermarket. I fixed my boobs and my hair in the mirror just before the doorbell rang.

“Thank you for coming at such short notice,” I said.

“No prob. I had an opening and I love helping a pretty woman,” he replied.

“Oh so now I’m a pretty woman? Not an adorable child?” I said with a big toothy grin.

“You still on that?” he asked.

“Nah I’m over it. This way to the kitchen” I said. “Would you like something to drink?”

“Do you have any beer?”

“Cool,” I said. I watched as he took out his tools. I admired his big arms. They were huge and firm. I watched as he reflexes them while working.

“If you keep staring at me like that, your pipes aren’t the only thing that will get fixed,” he said.

“Oh really, what you gonna do?” I challenged him. He crossed the room and grabbed me in this big burly arms and kissed me senselessly. I leaned back against the refrigerator to steady myself as my knees felt like they’re made of goo. Every part of me was on fire from his steaming kisses. He traced kisses along my neck and just above my breast. He reached into my blouse and flicked out my breast. He cupped my full breast and my nipples. The fire inside me became unbearable, and I pulled on the straps of my dress to get it off. He chucked against my skin. Alex pulled up my dress and reached for my panties, and they were cum soaked. He chuckled again and knelt down in front of me as he stared deep into my eyes and said. “Can I have the beer?”

“Huh?” I asked. I blinked to clear my head.

Alex said, “The beer, can I have it.”

Again I made a fool out of myself in front of this man. I handed him the beer and left the room mortified.

Published by nlamonth

I am a budding writer I am English Teacher that is currently jobless. So i am using my free time to create a world of fiction where I can be me

9 thoughts on “Laying Pipes

  1. Like seriously? You can’t just build me up like that and just drop me buff soooo…. #noooooooo 😂😂😂😂 just pure evil.
    Girl pipe buss literally and figuratively 😂😂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Lol…..Alex messed up…ultimate tease!! Girl well into it….him feel are out well good I must say…..

    But hey….twas all for the beer!!

    Hush home girl….had you all dressed up lol

    Lo siento mucho!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I like where it’s going improve the language so it’s more vivid/colourful…I am proud of you Nas


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