Jasmine: PART 1

by Nastassja Lamonth




T-pain’s “In love with a stripper” blared from the speakers as I wiped down the pole. This’s my favorite part, all eyes on me. On stage, I grab everyone’s attention. I lived for this, crave every drop. I adjusted my g strip and smiled at my audience and thought to myself in Cardi B’s voice, “Let’s get this shmoney” The song changed to a trap song. I jumped down into a split and jiggled my ass cheeks and dollars started pouring in.
After finishing my set, I walk around the room looking for easy prey. When stalking one’s prey, it’s best to take one’s time, waiting on the right moment to pounce. One must learn their prey’s habits and use them to their advantage. One must use everything as bate to lure in the unsuspecting prey. Once you corner your prey, don’t be too quick to pounce or you will scare away the prey. The predator must practice patience.
I studied the crowd with the stealth eyes of a jungle cat. I am rewarded when I spot a group of men. Shoes looked expensive, watch and jewelry was sparkling. Pro ballers were out partying and I was one of the three girls they invited to their VIP section. They drank while I shook my ass and got their cash. The more they drank the more money I got. All the athletes were throwing twenties, but one was throwing hundreds. Focusing all my energy, I circled in on him. I planted my eight-inch heels beside my prey’s crotch on the couch and gave him a view of the pussy. Without looking away, I put my bottom lip between my teeth and used my tongue to wet my lip before I bit my lips; a sly smile crossed my face. I stared deep into the prey’s eyes as I grabbed breast; they were no bigger than a mouthful. I rubbed my glistening brown mounds and bit my lips a little harder. My prey smiled back at me.
In that moment, I knew I was getting all his money tonight. They’re thinking if I throw enough cash at her, I can get her. Pity, they don’t even know, it ain’t never gonna happen. As I grinned my ass into his lap and lean back so he can he see my tits he whispers in my ear “Come home with me”
I moan and sigh.
The money meant nothing to me. What I loved was the art of teasing.. It was all about power. Taking him up on his offer would mean I’d lose. That wasn’t happening! When the show’s over the thrill of it all went away.
The morning was grey, damp, and cold. As I walked to my matte black Infinity G37 I zipped up the jacket of my red tracksuit. I sat in the car and looked at my stacks of cash in my bag. I could say that I fell into this job or that I am working my way through school, but I would be lying. Shaking my ass for dollars is the thing I loved the most in this world. I loved attention, been getting get it since I was fourteen. Imma big bitch, five nine to be exact, dark chocolate with long ebony hair almost at my butt. I am that bitch. I turned up my music and sped out the parking lot.

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The bright brilliant blue water stilled my chaotic mind. The sea was green close to the shore but become a brilliant deep blue the further out you looked. The view from my apartment was amazing!  I enjoy drinking in the view and my morning coffee.

It’s around twelve in the afternoon and I’m standing watching the bay from my windows in my downtown apartment. I could see most of downtown and the ocean from my living room. One could get lost looking out. It had the most calming effect. It is so much better than therapy. Most afternoons I allow myself to get lost in the view. It’s the sole time of the day that I’m not moving and allow myself to feel. But, feelings suck, and for the rest of my day, I avoided them. I looked around my clean crisp white apartment and began running down all the things I had to do today.  The first task was cleaning the kitchen. I washed the dishes in the sink, cleaned the white marble island, and wiped the titled floors. They were clean, another cleaning didn’t hurt. The crisp smell of bleach was my favorite scent in the world.

After all the cleaning, I sat at my desk and turned on the computer. I signed into my email to update my clients on their portfolios and also to see if I was getting any more clients. I am talented so referrals and new clients came fast. By day I was an animator, it contributed to the bills, and the pay was awesome but it just never completed me.

I didn’t put too much thought or energy into it until I had the urge to get up on stage at a strip club when I was hanging out with an old friend. I went back a few times by myself and every time the urge grew stronger. Until one day, I just did it. I got up there and danced my big ole ass off. The rush I felt was akin to a crackhead getting his first high. I was hooked. The power it gave me was like nothing I had ever felt before, I fell deeply in love. It was alive. The next day I went to the manager and begged him to hire me. Ever since then I have been basking in the hungry looks of strangers.

 They didn’t know I was the lion, and they were the prey. I stalked them. I circled them with my eyes learning their strengths and weaknesses. Once I stepped on the stage, their ass was mine! I mesmerized them with my charisma and raw sexual appeal. I commended the attention of the room. I love every second. It is rare to find a woman in the strip club who is doing it for the heck of it.

My phone rang and broke my thought. I saw that it was my mother. I rolled my eyes and let it rang. Whatever she wanted she could say it to the voicemail. Today was going so well that it would be a shame to allow that woman to ruin it.

It was five o’clock before I looked up from my computer. Someone rang my doorbell door. I reached for my silk Fenty robe to cover my full lace bra and boy shorts. I left the front of the silk robe open as I went to the door. It was my delivery from my favorite vegan store. I wasn’t a vegetarian I just practiced eating clean as much as possible and whenever I wanted vegan with meat on the side; I called The Veggie Palace.

“Hey, Jasmine,” the delivery boy greeted “here’s your order.”

He flashed me that sexy smile and looked me up and down I took the paper bag and put it on the accent table by the door. I jumped in his arms we laughed as we fell into the couch.  The delivery boy was the meat on the side!

In zero point two seconds he disposed of my boy shorts. He used one finger to brush the contours of my torso. He stopped at the little spots that made me squirm and giggle. Feather-light touches caressed my inner thigh followed by feather-light kisses. I moved so that his mouth came in direct contact with my pussy, letting him know to get on with it. A small smile graced his face as he put his head down and blew on the clit. My insides tingled. His tongue reached out and made contact. I moaned a little and whispered “yea” letting him know he had found the spot.

He looked into my eyes as I cocked my head sideways and smiled. I threw my head back and let out a sigh.

“O damn……. eat this pussy just like that!” I seized his mane and yanked it hard. He retaliated by nibbling on my clit. He pushed my legs back, causing my knee to almost brush against my ears but freed up my cunt to his ravenous eyes.

“This is the best fucking part of my day” he whispered when he broke for air. I smirked as I shoved him off and he laid him on the couch. I straddled him and stick his agent in me. Thankful he was already wearing a condom because I just couldn’t wait. I rode his dick hard and fast. With steel concentration, I rode him until I came. Lucky for him he came too.

“Can I stay for dinner?” He asked sometime later as we lay on the couch spent.

“Nah, I gotta go to work shortly.”

“That’s cool, I guess.”

We settled into an awkward silence. I got up to shower and expecting him to get the hint it that his time’s up. He finally managed to. He got dressed and left as I moved around tidying up. I showered and head to the club around eight.

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Saturdays are the best stripper’s days.  I had my three sets of costumes all planned.  My costumes comprising a cowgirl Anne, a Catholic schoolgirl, and a lingerie costume.  As I organized my corner Star walked in. Star was one of the few girls at the club I spoke to at all.

“Hey Jazz, you’re early as usual,”

“You know I gotta be on time to make this money.”

“Ok girl,” she said as she hopped over to her area and began her preparation.  I am not the friendliest person; my laser-focused and intense work ethic was too much for some individuals. But, I ensure that I am the best at whatever I undertake. Being the best at anything requires focus and drive. It doesn’t allow room for acquaintances and much of social existence. I wouldn’t have it any other way. I took my time to do my makeup while I worried about the night.

At eleven, I was setting up to do my first set. My outfit choice is an immaculate, brown rhinestone-studded leatherette chap with a white g string under it. Along with a brown fringe vest covering my bosom, bejeweled nipple covers covered my nipples. I opened my set the same way with T Pain. The audience knew what time it is.  I strolled onto the stage. I peeked out into the throng of guests, making certain that all mother fucking eyes were on me. You’re, either, staring at me or you’re getting the fuck out. I sashayed to the pole first and started to clean it. Making certain the movement looked like I was giving the pole a blow job. I shifted my ass to the swarm of people. My upper body crouched as I wiped the base of the pole. My ass reminded in the air, the movement allowed the audience an excellent view of my plump, juicy pussy. Hook, line, and sink! I chuckled as the DJ set went into trap music. At the rear of the club was a minor disturbance. However, the bright lights made it troublesome to know what was happening, but then shots rang out. A swift pain rushed through me and it seemed as if all of me was on fire. Then, in a blink of an eye, it all went blank.


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I am a budding writer I am English Teacher that is currently jobless. So i am using my free time to create a world of fiction where I can be me

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